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adapt to the impossible

In just a few minutes, Laptray Solutions® Extream will become your ideal aid for reading or using the computer. Its amazingly flexible, steady legs allow it to adapt to any surface. Use it in bed, on the sofa, as an side table or put it at its maximum height. Its safety locks provide it with incredible stability and thanks to its light material you will be able to carry it easily.

RRP €149.90
foldable and stable

In just a few minutes, Laptray Pro® will become your ideal aid for reading or using the computer. You can also use it as a side table. It changes its shape for greater comfort. It features 3 height levels and a folding panel, perfect for reading or writing on your computer. It is stable and lightweigh so you can easily take it from the sofa to the bed or place it on a table. It includes a directional light and a non-slip mat for your mouse, drinks or other objects.

RRP €39.90
mini and ultrafoldable

In a few minutes, Laptray Pro® Mini will become your aid for reading or using the computer both at home or on the move. Its design includes 2 USB fans to cool your computer and each leg is adjustable from 20 to 30cm adapting to any surface.

RRP €49.90
soft and comfortable

In a matter of seconds, Laptray Cushion® will become the ideal laptop stand or side table. Its shape is designed to offer the greatest comfort. Its curvature allows you to place your torso and your hands on its sides. Its padded bottom will furnish you the necessary comfort, preventing the borders of the tray from pressing your legs. Moreover, it includes a side pocket to hold your telephone and a transport handle.

RRP €29.90

Universal laptop and tablet stand made of lightweight & sturdy materials. Easy to use and carry. Designed to work with any tablet or laptop.

RRP €21.90